10/11/2019 IL Route 31 Construction Update

Asphalt Base Placement on N. Lincoln Avenue

Sidewalk on S. Lincoln Avenue
Rolling HMA Binder on Lincoln Avenue
Placement of Tack Coat on New Hot Mix Asphalt Base Course

Placement of the asphalt base and binder will occur on Huntley Road, East of IL Route 31 next week.  After completion of the asphalt base and binder on Huntley Road, the sidewalk and driveways will be installed. Main Street entrances to Otto Engineering are anticipated to be completed within the next two weeks  Sections of the retaining wall located at the NE corner of IL Route 31 and Main Street are continuing to be constructed.   Curb and gutter,driveways, sidewalk and asphalt base and binder have all been completed on North and South Lincoln Avenue.