IL 31 Huntley Road Reconstruction

The project is located on Illinois Route 31 from 500 feet south of Spruce Drive to 1,000 feet north of Huntley Road/Main Street. Improvements will also be included on Huntley Road/Main Street from 900 feet west of Illinois Route 31 to 300 feet east of Lincoln Avenue. Lincoln Avenue will be improved from 600 feet south of Main Street to 500 feet north of Main Street.

The project consists of roadway reconstruction and widening, new combination concrete curb and gutter, traffic signal modernization, traffic signal interconnect, storm sewer, water main, roadway lighting, retaining walls, restoration, traffic staging, and all incidental and collateral work necessary to complete the project as shown on the plans and as described herein.


South-Bound Lincoln Avenue Closure (PDF)

May Detour - Lincoln Ave (PDF)

Newport Cove Sub/Spring Point Condo – Water Main Notice (PDF)

Temporary Traffic Switch 10/11/2018 (PDF)

Project Area (PDF)

Detour Plan (PDF)

Stage I Detour Lincoln/Main (PDF)

Stage I Revised Detour Notice Lincoln/Main 09/18/2018 (PDF)